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Disney Parks Releases Launch Video of ‘TRON Lightcycle/Run’ Coaster at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightyear/Run

Today Disney Parks released an update on the “TRON Lightcycle/Run” being built at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in the form of a video.

The Walt Disney Imagineering project team is currently in its next ride testing phase, Phase II, also known as “push/pull,” and this video shows the first full-speed launch of the ride vehicle on the track.

TRON Lightyear/Run

For a good portion of the short video, it’s a rider’s POV of the coaster traveling under the outside canopy, which is a nice little touch.

As the video shows, the track is ready and there were no issues with the ride vehicle from launch to its return to station. It’s so exciting to watch, especially if you can’t wait for the attraction to open.

Take a look:

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This milestone test run brings the attraction that much closer to opening for guests to enjoy. There still isn’t an exact open date, but Disney is shooting for sometime this fall.

I am so excited to ride the “TRON Lightcycle/Run” coaster when it opens…are you? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I just want the Tron ride to be finished so the train will be optional again before the end of October.

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