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Disneyland Offers New Treats to Mark Return of ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’

Main Street Electrical Parade food

On April 22, the “Main Street Electrical Parade,” “Disneyland Forever” fireworks, and “World of Color” return to Disneyland Resort, and to celebrate, there will be tasty treats available for a limited time.

We’ve already talked about the “Main Street Electrical Parade” Dining Package at Disneyland Park, along with the “World of Color” Dining Package and Dessert Party over at Disney California Adventure, but before we get to all of the new items to eat, you need to know about the two very cool novelty items.

Available at various locations throughout Disneyland Park are a “Main Street Electrical Parade”-themed sipper cup and popcorn bucket…and there is a limit two per person, per transaction while supplies last.

The sipper is shaped like the turtle float in the parade, down to the glasses, while the popcorn bucket is shaped like Elliott from 1977’s “Pete’s Dragon,” who is also a float in the parade:

Main Street Electrical Parade - turtle sipper
Main Street Electrical Parade - Elliott popcorn bucket

The best part? They both LIGHT UP! Check out this TikTok:

@disneyparks Disneyland proudly presents the Light-Up Turtle Sipper and Light-Up Elliott Dragon Bucket ??✨ (2 per guest) #Disney #DisneyParks #Disneyland #MainStreetElectricalParade #PopcornBucket #Sipper ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Ready to eat? Here are all the new treats, both savory and sweet, to enjoy while you wait for the parade to start at Disneyland Park:

Fantasyland Theatre and Small World Popcorn Carts

  • Electric Sweet & Salty Popcorn: Colorful sweet kettle corn combined with butter-flavored popcorn

Fantasyland and Small World Churro Carts

  • Electric Sprinkle Dip: Citrus buttercream frosting with sprinkles

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor hosted by Dreyer’s (available on Mobile Order)

  • Uni-cone: Banana, cherry, and pistachio ice cream in a white chocolate-dipped waffle cone with fantasy sprinkles
Main Street Electrical Parade food

Hub Churro Cart

  • Blueberry Looks Good on You: Blueberry-flavored sugar-dusted churro
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Dipping Sauce: Blueberry fruit topping with cream cheese icing
Main Street Electrical Parade food

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (available on Mobile Order)

  • Parade Macaron: Yellow macaron filled with honey buttercream and lemon curd topped with rainbow sprinkles and Main Street Electrical Parade drum decoration
  • Mine Cart Brownie: White chocolate-dipped dark chocolate brownie topped with sugar gems
  • Linzer Cookie: Citrus shortbread linzer cookie with strawberry glaze and Cheshire Cat medallion
Main Street Electrical Parade food

Plaza Inn

  • Parade Confetti Bundt Cake: Confetti cake with blue sopapilla filling, cream cheese glaze, and Main Street Electrical Parade chocolate décor

Refreshment Corner Hosted by Coca-Cola (available on Mobile Order)

  • Electric Relish Dog: All-beef hot dog, bacon, mustard cheese sauce, electric relish, and sport peppers served with a choice of a Cuties mandarin orange or small bag of chips (New)
  • Firefly Chips: Corn chips topped with chili, cheddar, Monterey Jack, and jalapeños
Main Street Electrical Parade food

Red Rose Taverne hosted by Minute Maid (available on Mobile Order)

  • Pineapple Night Light: Fresh pineapple purée and Sprite with a glow cube (New)

Town Square Popcorn Cart

  • Electric Pop: Brightly-colored kettle corn

Town Square Churro Cart

  • Parade Dreams: Colorful sugar-dusted churro with fruit drizzle garnished with rainbow candy (New)
Main Street Electrical Parade food

The sweets look tasty, but I’ve got my eye on their version of the walking taco. What looks good to you? Let me know in the comments.

Don’t forget the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is still running through April 26, too.