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Minnie Mouse Wearing a Designer Pantsuit Sparks Small Controversy

Minnie Mouse in a Stella McCartney Designer Pantsuit

The much beloved Minnie Mouse will be helping Disneyland Paris celebrate its 30th anniversary next month, and with Paris being a center of fashion, she recently got made over by famed designer Stella McCartney.

Her look is a blue with black polka dot pantsuit, and it’s just temporary for the upcoming celebration. Minnie will be wearing it in the DLP parks.

Of course such a fashion icon as Minnie Mouse can’t avoid a little controversy over her fashion choices sometimes, and this past week the Twitter-verse was set alight with news that she would be sporting a new pantsuit.

I personally don’t have a problem with it, though I’m puzzled why it’s blue with black polka dots instead of Minnie’s signature red with white polka dots. I also think it looks like silk pajamas, but that’s also not a big deal.

This is not the first time Minnie worn an outfit other than her traditional one either. For example, in honor of Walt Disney World’s current 50th Anniversary Celebration, her EARidescent dress has no polka dots at all.

So is it because she’s wearing pants instead of a dress? Say it isn’t so in 2022!

But, apparently that’s what set off conservative author/commentator Candace Owens. So much so she used time on her Fox News show to criticize the makeover as an attempt to make Minnie Mouse “more masculine”, accusing those behind it of trying to “destroy fabrics of our society”…all while wearing a pantsuit herself.

This isn’t even the first time Minnie has worn pants throughout her history. She’s sported all kinds of pants-wear from overalls to track suits. Captain Minnie even wears them as part of her uniform on Disney cruise ships.

Disney Cruise Line - Disney Wish - Mickey and Minnie Captain's Deck

So why this outfit and why now? Slow news day? Let us know what you think of the outfit and Owen’s comments.

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