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Walt Disney World Gets New Mickey and Minnie Themed Strollers

Walt Disney World - Mickey and Minnie Themed Strollers

I don’t know what took them so long but as of today, Walt Disney World has new Mickey and Minnie themed strollers for guests to rent starting this morning (Jan 20).

The strollers are similar to the previous hard plastic ones, but these ones are red wih black trim and yellow wheels.

They come in one and two seat models, and both versions also feature an image of either Mickey or Minnie on the side netting.

Walt Disney World - Mickey Themed Stroller

The new strollers have a few new features including: an additional canopy bar for stability when placing items on top of it, drain holes in the footrest in case of spills or rain, and new storage pockets, including bottle holders.

Pricing on the strollers remains the same.

Walt Disney World - Minnie Themed Stroller

The strollers are available for guests at all four theme parks, along with Disney Springs. They’ve been available to guests at Disneyland since last summer.

If you get a chance to use them, let us know what you think of them!

Walt Disney World - Mickey and Minnie Themed Strollers