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Reusable Bamboo Utensils returning to Disney’s theme parks!

New Disney Parks reusable bamboo utensil cutlery set.

Buried at the bottom of a recent announcement about new food and drink items coming to Disney theme parks, is this exciting news – reusable bamboo utensils are coming back!

We purchased our first set of reusable bamboo utensils at the 2019 Food and Wine Festival and planned to buy more sets in 2020. Alas they did not sell them last year, so we ended up buying a set online. The Disney set was much better.

We’re happy to see they’ll be back this spring and will report back when we learn which locations will stock them. Hopefully they’ve ordered a bunch this time.

2019 Food an Wine Festival reusable bamboo utensil cutlery set.

The cutlery set comes a spoon, fork, and knife, and includes a handy travel pouch and a clip so you can have them at the ready when you’re dining in the parks. The cost in 2015 was a reasonable $15 a set. We hope the new sets are in that price range too.

We are firm believers that anything one can do to avoid adding plastic waste to landfills is a good thing for the future. So we’re very happy to see Disney bringing back the reusable bamboo utensil set.

Bamboo cutlery is nontoxic and is just as safe as metal cutlery – as long as you keep them clean. To clean your set of bamboo utensils, wash with hot, soapy water, or a mixture of white vinegar with water. Always dry with a cloth rather than let them air dry.

It is strongly recommended that you do not wash them in your dishwasher. If they start to look a little dry, you can rub a little mineral oil on them for a refresh.

We plan to pick up a couple more sets of Disney’s reusable bamboo utensils and we hope you’ll join us in this ecofriendly act.

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