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Learn to Draw Pixar’s WALL-E at home

Pixar’s WALL-E is one of our favorite movies from the Emeryville, CA animation studio. The movie, directed by Andrew Stanton with a story from Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter, won an Academy Award for best animated feature along with our hearts.

The star of the show is a little trash compactor robot who embodies the spirit of Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin in its seemingly futile attempt to clean up the earth at humanity abandoned the environmentally destroyed planet.

Today we get an opportunity to pick up a pencil and try our hand a the art of animation and rendering our own version of Wall-e.

Pixar animator Benjamin Su leads us on this artistic exploration. You’ve seen his work in the Toy Story Franchise, Wall-e, and the recent release Onward, to name a few of the pictures he’s worked on since joining Pixar in 2009.

Be sure to check out Pixar’s next film “Soul” when it is finally released to theaters to see more of Su’s character work. Don’t want to wait that long? You can see some of his illustrations on his instagram account.

We’re still amazed that Disney hasn’t figured out some way to incorporate a “Turtle Talk with Crush” like encounter with Wall-e and Eve from Pixar’s “Wall-E” at any of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World, the movie ties into themes at all for magical destinations.

Related: Those with a good memory will recall the Valentine’s Day themed tutorial from Disney character artist Stephen Ketchum, where you can learn to draw Wall-E and Eve together.

Are you planning to try your hand at drawing Wall-E at home? Be sure to share your drawing with us on social media by tagging @TheDisneyBlog on Twitter or Instagram.