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Mark Hamill salutes Star Wars fans on the front lines of this public health emergency

Mark Hamill

Star Wars fandom is a global phenomenon with hope for a better future uniting everywhere. So it’s no surprise that during these unprecedented times, Star Wars fans are coming together to find ways to be helpful.

Mark Hamill, known to Star Wars fans everywhere as Luke Skywalker, and Lucasfilm have released a special thank you message highlighting some of these heroes on the front lines of this fight.

“I’m finding so much inspiration in the compassionate, courageous, and selfless acts in our Star Wars family,” says Hamill.

Watch the video here:

We love the sincerity in Hamill’s delivery and feel a little more hopeful about the future.

In a statement Lucasfilm says, “The challenging times we’re currently facing have truly brought out the best in many from the Star Wars community, especially those first responders, front-liners and volunteers who are working to keep us all safe. Mark Hamill and Lucasfilm would like to thank all the heroes who put their health and well-being on the line for us every day – the Force is truly with you, and we salute you.”

People handle these difficult times in different ways, but it’s nice to see some of those who are doing what they can to help be featured by the mothership of Lucasfilm.

May the Force be with all those who are volunteering, working as first responders, or treating sick or ill patients and family members during this time.