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Disney releases shifted movie schedule for upcoming releases

We noted last week that Disney has decided to shift the release of its already delayed “Artemis Fowl” movie from theaters to Disney+, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg for Walt Disney Studios’ updated release schedule. The calendar is going to look a lot busier with a bunch of films compressed into a new plan.

Of course, even the best laid plans are at risk when faced with an enemy like the unprecedented health emergency we’re facing right now. You’ll notice that the first film is Pixar’s Soul with a release date for June 19, 2020. That may be slightly optimistic.

Update: Pixar’s Soul pushed back to November 2020.

The IHME model used by paints the rosiest scenario looking at June 1st, for just coming out of the worst of the impact on hospitals. Even if things start to open up then in the parks of the nation that have tamped down the hardest, the majority of the population will still be under stay at home orders for at least a few more weeks.

That said, I’m hopeful that we’ll all be watching Pixar’s Soul in late June, which looks like it might be just the emotional pick me up the nation needs to get back on its feet. 


Mulan (Disney)—July 24, 2020

Empty Man (20th Century Studios)—August 7, 2020

The One and Only Ivan (Disney)—August 14, 2020

The Beatles: Get Back (Disney)—September 4, 2020

The King’s Man (20th Century Studios)—September 18, 2020

Death on the Nile (20th Century Studios)—October 9, 2020

The French Dispatch (Searchlight Pictures)—October 16, 2020

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (20th Century Studios)—October 23, 2020

Black Widow (Marvel Studios)—November 6, 2020

Deep Water (20th Century Studios)—November 13, 2020

Soul (Disney and Pixar)—Moved to November 20 from June 19, 2020

Free Guy (20th Century Studios)—December 11, 2020

West Side Story (20th Century Studios)—December 18, 2020

The Last Duel (20th Century Studios)—December 25, 2020 (limited)


The Last Duel (20th Century Studios)—January 8, 2021 (Wide)

The Eternals (Marvel Studios)—February 12, 2021

Ron’s Gone Wrong (20th Century Studios)—February 26, 2021

Raya and the Last Dragon (Walt Disney Animation Studios)— Moved to March 12, 2021 from November 25, 2020

Removed from Schedule: Untitled Disney Live Action—March 12, 2021

Bob’s Burgers (20th Century Studios)—April 9, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—April 23, 2021

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Marvel Studios)—May 7, 2021

Cruella (Disney)—May 28, 2021

Untitled Pixar Animation—June 18, 2021

Jungle Cruise (Disney)—July 30, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—August 13, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—September 10, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—October 1, 2021

Hamilton (Disney)—October 15, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—October 22, 2021

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Marvel Studios)—November 5, 2021

Untitled Disney Live Action—November 19, 2021

Untitled Disney Animation—November 24, 2021

Untitled 20th Century—December 3, 2021

AVATAR 2 (20th Century Studios)—December 17, 2021


Untitled 20th Century—January 7, 2022

Nimona (20th Century Studios)—January 14, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder (Marvel Studios)—February 18, 2022

Untitled Pixar Animation—March 11, 2022

Untitled Disney Live Action—March 25, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—April 8, 2022

Black Panther 2 (Marvel Studios)—May 6, 2022

Untitled Disney Live Action—May 27, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—June 10, 2022

Untitled Pixar Animation—June 17, 2022

Captain Marvel 2 (Marvel Studios)—July 8, 2022

Untitled Indiana Jones (Disney)—July 29, 2022

Untitled Disney Live Action—August 12, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—September 16, 2022

Untitled Marvel—October 7, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—October 21, 2022

Untitled Disney Live Action—November 4, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—November 11, 2022

Untitled Disney Animation—November 23, 2022

Untitled Star Wars (Lucasfilm)—December 16, 2022

Untitled 20th Century—December 23, 2022

That’s a lot of untitled stuff on there, but curious to see that Untitled Star Wars film still hanging out in 2022.

Which movie from the shortened 2020 Disney movie calendar are you looking forward to the most? How about 2021?

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