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Inspiring Creative Disney Play at Home

In these unprecedented times, we’re all spending a lot more time together indoors. It’s still not known when we’ll be able to safely return to Disney’s magical theme parks, but doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little of the magic. You just have to make it yourself.

Inspiring creative Disney play at home is a great way to pass the time. Do you or you children have a favorite Disney attraction you can try and recreate or hold a sing-along from your favorite Disney movie.

The best tip we’ve heard so far is to try and pick a new movie or attraction each day to keep the variety going.

We’ve already seen a rush of posts on social media from families who are making the magic at home by recreating attractions and shows. We loved Jess Siswick’s home remake of Soarin’ over California

Or Karen Hamana’s recreation of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cantina experience in her own home..

If you want to get in to the spirit of dress up to inspire your own imaginative play at home, it’s time to dig into the storage box from last year’s Halloween or you might consider ordering this year’s Halloween costume a bit early for fun around the home. Buying Disney or Marvel costumes from will also help support The Disney Blog with a portion of the purchase price going to us via our affiliate relationship.

If Rex from the Toy Story franchise is one of your favorite characters, this Inflatable Toy Story Rex costume for adults might be the perfect way to have a little fun around the house

Toy Story Rex Inflatable Costume for Adults

Costumes aren’t just for kids and adults either. The family pet can get in on the fun. How cute is this?

Snow White Costume for Pets

Of course, the Disney family now extends beyond the reach of our universe. Enjoy these costumes and accessories from the Star Wars galaxy or Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We hope you’re inspired to come up with your own Disney at home ideas. Share theme online with the hashtag #HomemadeDisney and #BetterTogether and we’ll keep an eye open for them!

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