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Disney Wonder arrives in San Diego with no reported Coronavirus cases

When the Disney Wonder arrived in San DIego today after a 15-day voyage through the Panama Canal, it marked the last of four Disney Cruise Line ships to end their operations related to Coronavirus restrictions. 

The cruise departed from New Orleans on March 6th and arrived this morning at the port of San Diego a day early. According to news reports, Disney has told local officials that none of the ship’s more than 2,000 passengers have reported coronavirus symptoms.

We’re waiting for word on the health of the 900 crew is included in the no-symptoms column and will update this story when we get clarification.

In order to avoid bringing the coronavirus on to the ship, the Disney Wonder skipped most planned ports of call. That means that the ship has essentially already been quarantined for 11 days, a bit shy of the recommended 14 days for those arriving from cruises. 

The Disney Wonder departed on its voyage well before DCL had decided to end new departures. The Disney Dream’s 4-day trip leaving from Port Canaveral on Saturday March 14 was the last departure.

According to an announcement from Disney Cruise Line, new departures are suspended until at least April 12.

Meanwhile according to posts on social medial from crew members, Disney Cruise Line is holding ‘ghost cruises,’ which is a cruise with no guests. Crew Members remain on board and doing training, maintenance, and attending events designed to keep spirits up while maintaining social distancing.

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