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New adventures await young readers in Disney’s ‘Before the Story’ book series

“She curled up in a chair in the middle of the room, ready to get lost in a book.”

This description doesn’t only apply to Frozen’s Anna in Disney’s new book, ‘Anna Finds a friend‘ – your young reader will soon find themselves getting lost in these cute books too!

Disney Press recently released ‘Before the Story’ – an engaging new chapter book series for Kindergartners to Grade 3-level readers, with full color illustrations and some of Disney’s most beloved characters. We checked out ‘Anna Finds a Friend‘ and ‘Elsa’s Icy Rescue‘ by Kate Egan, which explore the sisters’ early life in Arendelle and beyond.

In Anna’s story, Anna feels lonelier than ever when her parents go off on a trip without her and Elsa isn’t interested in playing with her. She is left only with her portrait friends in the castle (“hang in there, Joan”) and her imaginary pen pal, Astrid. Anna begins to wonder just who Astrid is and makes it her mission to find out…

In Elsa’s story, Elsa cannot wait to spend time with Anna and her parents at their cozy cottage summer home in Sommerhus outside of the hustle and bustle of Arendelle. There she can escape her royal lessons and freely test the limits of her magic. However, being home-away-from-home is a little different this year and her powers are put to the test. Does she really have what it takes to one day become queen of Arendelle?

Anna Finds a Friend and Elsa’s Icy Rescue are now available for purchase on Amazon. There’s also a Mulan themed before the story book.

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