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Michael Korte’s tribute to Disney’s Aladdin Musical includes gender-flipped take on The Genie

We’ve highlighted Micheal Korte’s gender-flipping takes on Disney classics before including ‘Queens sing King‘ and the male Muses of Hercules. Now he’s taking on the iconic role of The Genie from Disney’s Aladdin with a gender-flipped take on “Friend Like Me.” Here’s Brooke Simpson putting her best pop spin on the song.

You may remember Brooke Simpson from NBC’s The Voice where she placed third in the 2017 13th season. We really loved Simpson putting her soulful pop spin on The Genie. It made us realize there’s no reason that role couldn’t be gender-flipped in the Disney stage musical either. We’d love to see that some day.

This take on “Friend Like Me” is part of Michael Korte’s new series of five videos from Aladdin. Bryson Camper did the song arrangements. Other videos include: Proud of Your Boy (featuring Bryson Camper), A Million Miles Away (featuring Sonika Vaid and Camper), These Palace Walls (with Vaid, Loren Lott and Tiana Okoye), and A Whole New World (featuring all four plus Germaine).