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Future Star Wars film rumored to take place during “High Republic Era”

With the Skywalker saga officially over, we now turn our imaginations toward what the next Star Wars film will be. Disney has already scheduled a December 2022 release date for the next film but little to no information is currently known about the film. As first reported by Jason Ward of, it is rumored that this film will take place during “The High Republic” era. 

For those who do not know, this era is set 400 years before the events of The Phantom Menace and the beginning of the Skywalker story. It is an era of peace throughout the Galaxy where the Jedi and The Republic protect the people from the evils that may be. We see the end of this era during the prequels but this film would reportedly take place during the middle and peak of this time period.  

Also, for anybody keeping tabs on eras and years here, Yoda would still be alive during this time period but apparently would be “a much different young Jedi.” 

Kevin Feige has been announced to produce at least one future Star Wars project and this type of era could prove perfect for the world building he is gifted at. Feige is the mastermind behind the MCU and the incredible success of Marvel Studios and allowing him to help set up a world of Jedi exploring the galaxy and being heroes in a golden age is exciting to say the least. 

According to the report revealed by Jason Ward, the highly anticipated “Project Luminous” could also coincide with this new era of Star Wars. Project Luminous is an upcoming series of books and comics spanning one cohesive story that is set to be fully released over the course of the next few years. The first book is set to be released this year and is now rumored to be connected to this age of peace and Jedi. 

I, for one, think this is all very exciting news. With rumors swirling of an MCU style to Star Wars combined with Kevin Feige coming on board, there is plenty to be excited about. Star Wars was made to be loved and to bring people together. Unfortunately the Skywalker Saga has done anything but that. Fans are split over the direction of these new films but have mostly loved everything Disney has put out not involved with the nine films. Between Rogue One, The Mandalorian and Galaxy’s Edge, it is clear that Disney is more than capable of putting out solid Star Wars content. 

Disney is not famous for causing split fan bases and cannot be thrilled with a fan base that is so divided over their films. Between that and the significant drop off in box office earnings of each film released thus far, they look to be flipping the page and bringing fans together. Kevin Feige is the perfect man for that job and allowing him to play in a world that involves a lot of Jedi and world exploring sounds exciting.

I mean, Jedi roaming the Galaxy looking for hidden Sith and going on adventures? Sign me up right away. Here is to hoping we learn more about the future of Star Wars very soon. What would you like to see next?

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