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LEGO Spaceship Earth model needs your help to become a real kit

EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth is the world’s largest Geodesic dome and features a triangle shaped exterior. If you know anything about LEGO bricks, you know they don’t really come in triangle shapes, so to make a LEGO version of Spaceship Earth is a real challenge, but one person has managed to capture the look and the spirit of the attraction in his fan-made LEGO model.

LEGO model builder Russ Cole is a big fan of EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth. He’d really like to see his take on the park’s giant icon become a real LEGO kit. But to do that he needs your help.

“Right now I’m hoping to get 100 more supporters in three days! At that point we would earn another six months to reach a total of 10k when it would be reviewed by LEGO with a chance to become a real LEGO set,” Cole told me. “That is my hope. I would love to see the LEGO designers refine it into a real set to go along with The Disney Castle set and maybe one day all of the park icons.”

The Spaceship Earth model features many of the scenes from the attraction.

  • Loading area
  • Cave drawings
  • Young Egyptian pounding reeds flat / papyrus
  • Phoenician trade and communication – boat scene
  • Burning and destruction of the Library of Alexandria
  • Jewish & Islamic scholars preserving recorded information
  • Sleeping Monk
  • Gutenberg and the first movable-type printing press
  • Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 
  • Telephone switchboard
  • Mainframe computer
  • Building home computers in a garage
  • Earth

Your help is needed now. In the next day please login, use your LEGO Ideas account, or sign up for a free one, and vote to get the project past the 5,000 supporter mark. That’s halfway to the final goal of 10,000 but enough to give it perhaps enough time to get there.

Russ Cole thanks you and so will thousands of EPCOT Spaceship Earth fans everywhere.