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New trailer for Disney’s live-action Lady and the Tramp

The live action version of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp retells the 1955 animated classic of the pampered house dog and the tough, but lovable stray who embark on an unexpected adventure. Despite their differences, they grow closer and come to understand the value of home.

The Disney original movie is going right to Disney+, the new streaming video on demand service that Disney hopes competes with Netflix and other studios’ streaming services.

Filmed on the streets of Savannah, GA the movie has a very southern feel. I’m very impressed with how the digital manipulation of the dogs is done. It’s quite seemless with the live footage.

Justin Theroux provides the voice of Tramp while Tessa Thompson voicse Lady. Yes, those are real dogs, with some digital augmentation, on the screen. Monte plays Tramp and was rescued from a shelter in New Mexico. The cocker spaniel playing Lady is named Rose.

Also in the movie are Sam Elliot (voice of Trusty), Janelle Monae (Voice of Peg), Ashley Jensen (voice of Jock), and Benedict Wong (voice of Bull).

The Disney Original “Lady and the Tramp” will debut with Disney+ on November 12.

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