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Disney Cruise Line recognized for its eco-friendly policies in Canada

Oh Canada. Exciting adventures are awaiting on your shores. Whether visiting the east or west coasts of North America’s largest nation, the Disney Cruise Line is there to bring you directly to some of the world’s most amazing natural beauty and the super nice people who care for it all. And Disney Cruise works hard to protect those environments by reducing emissions, recycling materials, and conserving energy.

Disney Cruise’s environmental efforts have led to it being awarded the ‘Blue Circle’ from the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority for the 8th year running. The award was given as the Disney Wonder returned to the Port of Vancouver as the base for its Alaska voyages.

While in port, the ship is able to use shore power and ‘plug in’ to the port’s electrical grid. This eliminates air emissions and powers the ship’s regular operations with Canada’s renewable energy supply from sources like solar, wind, and hydro power plants. That’s a big difference.

The Vancouver Fraser port Authority gives out the Blue Circle Awards to recognize marine carriers and terminal operators who lead in environmental conservation and participate in their programs for EcoAction and renewable energy.

In addition to its world class guest service, entertainment, and their exclusive and magical adventures, the Disney Cruise Line is also known for its environmental stewardship. You can learn more on this downloadable flyer.