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Disney and Pixar hid easter eggs in Toy Story Land for you to find via Google Street View!

Pixar Animation Studios is known for its string of box office hits. Fans will often watch the movies over and over again just to try and find one of the hidden secrets Pixar’s animators hide in the films. Now that hunt has expanded to the new Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The tradition of hiding Easter Eggs in its films begin with it’s first feature film, Toy Story. From relevant inside jokes, to hidden references to other films, Pixar has turned the practice into an art form, keeping the world on their toes with each release, as fans scour the films frame by frame in search of the newest hidden gems.

So, when it came time to capture Toy Story Land, a Disney Park based on the beloved Pixar franchise, for placement on Google Street View, the team at Disney saw an opportunity to bring this iconic tradition to life in a brand-new medium. Working hand in hand with Pixar, Disney identified eight unique Easter Eggs, and hid them throughout the land on the day it was captured.

Here’s a gallery of easter eggs you can hunt for:

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Start your Pixar Easter Egg hunt on Google Maps here!

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