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Avengers: Endgame rocketing toward $1.1 Billion Opening at Box Office

Heading into Sunday, Disney and Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” has already broken more records placing a $350 million plus opening weekend in the US in play. It’s domestic preview recorded the highest ever total at $60 million, passing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” previous record of $57M. Not too shabby.

The first two days of global box office for Endgame is now estimated to be more than $305M. This includes all-time single-day highs in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Korea, UK, Brazil, Egypt, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Trinidad, and Uruguay.

Internationally, through Friday Endgame has earned an estimated $644M at the box office, smashing the record. When you add in the official opening day total of $158 million in the US, that puts a 3-day total of over $349M domestic and $1.1 billion global well within play. This would earn back the production and distribution cost (and then some) for Disney in the first 4 days.

If you went to just about any cineplex over the weekend and looked at the movie listings, it must have seemed like it was all Avenger: Endgame all the time. A rare occurrence in this multi-screen complex world.

Endgame’s 96 percent Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes is the second highest ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), behind only Black Panther’s 97 percent, and the ninth MCU release to surpass 90 percent.

In addition to its North American opening, Avengers: Endgame debuted yesterday in Mexico, Spain, India and Japan, as well as South Africa, Vietnam, Venezuela and Ecuador, with a release in Russia still to come on April 29.

Stay tuned for Sunday estimates tomorrow.

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(hat tip to Deadline for help with international numbers)