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Meet Morimoto Asia at Disney Spring’s Executive Sous-Chef Takeshi Ikeuchi

A lovingly prepared and pleasantly served walk-through the flavors of Japan with inspiration from global cuisine is what draws me to return again and again to Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs. You really can’t help but have your mood improved when enjoying their fantastic dishes. As big fans of the restaurant and its flavors, we are happy to introduce you to one of the key members of the Morimoto Asia culinary team.

The popular Asian-fusion establishment has welcomed Executive Sous-Chef Takeshi Ikeuchi, who brings a wealth of knowledge of Chinese cooking from his 20 years in the culinary world. Chef Takeshi will work closely with Executive Chef Yuhi Fujinaga and the team at Morimoto Asia.

An Executive Sous-Chef is responsible for overseeing everything from food quality to operations. Chef Takeshi will help ensure creative integrity is upheld in every prepared dish and delivered with unparalleled hospitality to the restaurant’s guests.

Original from Osaka, Japan, Chef Takeshi first fell in love with the culinary arts watching episodes of Iron Chef, which featured Chef Masaharu Morimoto. His recent positions include Chef de Cuisine at Ten Miyazawa and Assistant Chef at Seventh Son Restaurant.

After moving to the United States and landing a role at Morimoto Asia, Chef Takeshi said he looks forward to making culinary magic for guests at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

We had an opportunity to interview Chef Takeshi and learn a bit more about his passion for culinary excellence at Morimoto Asia:

How does it feel working at Chef Morimoto’s restaurant after being a fan of watching Iron Chef?
It is a very surreal experience and a professional dream come true to get to work in Chef Morimoto’s first pan-Asian concept after having admired his talents on Iron Chef. Everyday my goal is to live up to the high industry standard of excellence that Chef Morimoto and Patina Restaurant Group have set.

What is your idea of perfect service for a guest at Morimoto Asia?
Perfect service starts the minute a guest walks in the door. They’re greeted by our hostesses, escorted to their table, and wowed by the stunning design elements incorporated into the architecture of Morimoto Asia. Their waiter then goes over our menu with them and our job in the kitchen begins. We’re tasked with creating innovative dishes and making sure exquisite care and attention goes into every plate. We want our guests to remember their meal long after their last bite.

What is your favorite Morimoto Asia menu item?
Peking Duck. We are known for our incredible Peking Duck at Morimoto Asia and it is one of my specialties as a chef.

What do you like to eat at the end of a long day or when you’re celebrating a special occasion?
Sushi and Japanese soba are my go to comfort foods and my favorite celebratory meal for any special occasion.

Thank you to Chef Takeshi for sharing a few of his thoughts with us. We look forward to our next visit to Morimoto Asia even more.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect Chef Takeshi’s correct tile of Executive Sous-Chef. The restaurant initially provided an incorrect title.