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How to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens

Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge

The traditional Disneyland opening day experience of being first-in-line in the morning will not work to get you into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Only guests who have secured a reservation before hand will be allowed into Galaxy’s Edge during its initial opening period. No reservation? Then the closest you’ll get to Batuu is the scene in Star Tours over in Tomorrowland.

Guests with a reservation to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be given 4 hour windows to visit and explore the new themed land opening on May 31st at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. At the end of the four hour window everyone will have to leave and a new group will be let in.

A reservation will be required to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge between May 31 and June 23, 2019. You will also need valid Disneyland admission, naturally. Reservations are no cost to you, but they are subject to availability due to capacity of the land.

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland during that window you’ll want to be on the computer at 8am PT on May 2nd and watching the Disney Parks Blog or where the specific details on how to make a reservation will be revealed.

After that it will be a two-hour wait until 10am PT on May 2nd before registration actually opens.

I’ll be honest, based on past performance by Disney’s computer systems, you’ll want to have all your ducks in a row first (make sure your account is up to date), maybe coordinate with a couple computers, and pack patience. You may not be able to get the day or time you want. Prepare to be flexible.

It’s important to know that this is a phase one opening for Galaxy’s Edge. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is the only ride that will be open at the initial opening. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance won’t open for a few months afterwards at an as-yet unannounced date.

No fastpasses will be available for Smuggler’s Run, which means everyone has to wait standby. To maximize your time exploring the land, it will probably pay off to queue up early for your reserved time, get in line for the ride first, then spend the remaining time of your 4-hour window exploring the land and living out the success or failure of your mission. The other alternative is to do your exploring first, then get in line before the 4-hour window closes and hope that Disney doesn’t kick people out of the queue who haven’t ridden yet.

One way to lock in a date today is to book a Disneyland resort stay. Guests staying at one of Disneyland’s three resort hotels get first crack at reservations and rooms are still available in the window were reservations will be required to get in. But you can’t book and cancel and still use your reservation. You will also need valid admission to Disneyland.

The good news is that as of press time a few rooms are still available during the three week window for guaranteed reservations to enter Galaxy’s Edge. Room night prices are at a premium right now, but if you want the guarantee of a spot. It’s the only way to go. You can support The Disney Blog by contacting our in-house Disney authorized travel agent to book your Disneyland vacation.

May the Force be with you if you’re planning on visiting Disneyland during this crazy time.

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Note: Aerial photo courtesy Nearmap from February. See more here.