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Super Bowl LIII MVP and Tom Brady heading to Walt Disney World for Victory Parade

How about them Super Bowl LIII Champion New England Patriots! Julian Edelman was declared Most Valuable Player of Superbowl LIII, which means — he’s going to Walt Disney World. MVP Edelman will reportedly be joined by his Quarterback Tom Brady for a victory parade through the park after their Super Bowl victory Sunday night in Atlanta.

The “What are you doing next?” moment is captured for an iconic Super Bowl TV commercial where Julian Edelman will beam with joy and pronounce that he is going to Disney! The TV campaign is airing nationally this week.

Updated: Here’s the 30-second TV spot from Walt Disney World:

The Super Bowl hero is expected to celebrate his performance and his team’s victory with a magical day at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California on Monday.

This continues a long tradition of mega-star athletes commemorating their greatest sports achievements at Disney parks, a magical ritual that began in 1987 when quarterback Phil Simms celebrated his team’s Super Bowl win at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Patriots have now won six super bowls, here’s who filmed the “I’m Going to Disney World / Disneyland” spots for them in the past.

2017 – Super Bowl LI (James White)
2015 – Super Bowl XLIX (Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler)
2004 – Super Bowl XXXVIII (Tom Brady)
2002 – Super Bowl XXXVI (Tom Brady)

The Patriots won in 2005 as well, but Disney took a year off from the campaign that year for some reason.

The MVP parade usually runs before the 3pm parade, but has run earlier in the day. Stay tuned for more details when we know them if you want to head to the park to see the big stars from the Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots.

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