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Disneyland Monorails go Mickey Mouse for his 90th anniversary

We love Disneyland’s monorails. The sleek, futuristic look of the current versions hearkens back to the original 1959 trains. But the current version are also have some chameleon like abilities. A colorful wrap can transform them from futuristic to fun.

The recently debuted new designs will help the Disneyland resort celebrate Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s 90th anniversary as part of the “Get Your Ears One – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration.” During the festival everyone is encouraged to “Get Your Ears On” which explains the special design for the monorails.

Starting this Friday, Disneyland rolls out the new nighttime show “Mickey’s Mix Magic” as part of the celebration.

A little bonus footage from YouTube:

What do you think of the Disneyland Mickey Mouse Monorail overlays?