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Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open in June says Disney’s Bob Iger

Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge

Barron’s is back with another scoop related to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a new Star Wars-themed land coming to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2019. It’s arriving on the West Coast first, but until today all we had was a vague time line of Summer some time. Now in this Q&A with Disney CEO Bob Iger, we learn that it will be opening in early Summer, as in June sometime.

Update: we’ve added some tweets from Twitter user @sw_edge who was sent photos of attraction vehicles from Galaxy’s Edge published in the cast member news letter. Not sure how long these will stay up.

We’ve already seen inside the Millennium Falcon, but not with such great detail:

Interior set for the Falcon:

Here’s a great look at the ride vehicle for Rise of the Resistance:

Yesterday we got a sneak peek beyond the walls of construction at Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge and learned a variety of new details about the two main attractions as well as stores and restaurants throughout the land, but no confirmation of an opening date.

I don’t think we heard officially from anyone at Disney about a June opening before, but Iger confirms it for Anaheim in the article. This means guests will be visiting Black Spire Outpost before the crucial July 4th weekend at the resort.

That means now is the time to book those Disneyland Vacations for late June and July. Guests staying at Disney hotel get special perks that will allow them first access to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the morning and first crack at Fastpass for a possible second ride as well (no reserving Fastpass ahead of your visit in Anaheim, although MaxPass can help on the day of).

The full interview in Barron’s is a good read and covers some unique territory on the Disney+ and ESPN+ streaming services, the 2019 movie slate, and Iger’s general outlook on the Fox acquisition and his resulting compensation package adjustment.

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