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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge big attraction could last nearly 30 minutes

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance promises to be one of Disney’s best rides ever created by Walt Disney Imagineers. But might it also be one of the longest? New details have leaked out over the last few days.

We know the basic story of the attraction. Guests will be recruited by the resistance to help take on the First Order. Part of the ride involves a trip into space to board a First Order Star Destroyer aboard a troop carrier. A classic dark ride experience, although using the latest and best technology from Disney Imagineers and Lucasfilm.

We are now hearing there are at least two different ride vehicles (which would make sense, a troop carrier wouldn’t take you into space) that guests will encounter. This will be part of the larger storyline that also includes what you might think of as multiple pre-shows.

After entering the queue via the Resistance camp section of Black Spire guests will be separated out into different parties. The groups will board a blue and white shuttle operated by the Resistance. In a neat trick, guests will enter and exit by the same door, but depart to a completely different destination (in space). The magic trick is done via a giant turntable and lights.

When you leave the Resistance shuttle, you’re on board the First Order ship as their prisoners. At that point you will make your way through the ship to board an eight-passenger troop transport led by a droid, as seen in the preview trailer for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

During this section of the ride guests will encounter hundreds of audio-animatronics, giant AT-ATs, and huge rooms (such as ship bays that look out into space). The big baddy of the attraction is Kylo Ren, who will be encountered multiple times on the attraction.

This trackless vehicle section of the attraction is expected to last around 8 minutes before guests return to the planet Batuu in an intense scene that features a multi-story drop similar to what guests experience in Tower of Terror.

The entire experience is expected to last about 28-minutes from start to finish. If so, that makes it one of Disney’s longest attractions (especially now that the very long Universe of Energy has closed).

Like Universe of Energy, Rise of the Resistance will combine exciting and technically challenging elements from some Disney Imagineering’s best-loved attractions around the globe in a new experience.

It might be the sleeper hit of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

There were also a few new details about Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run released in a recent interview. We knew that each mission would take six guests into the cockpit of the famous Falcon once owned by Han Solo. Controls at each seat allow the guests to have an impact on the results of the mission.

We’ve now heard that there will be as many as 200 controls and switches in the cockpit that light up or make effects happen. But like in Mission Space, there are likely to be just a few at each seat that are actually key to completing the mission.

Disney’s Imagineers don’t want the attraction to be too confusing, especially if there are guests of different ages or maybe even those who don’t speak English on the ride.

It will, however, involve some of Disney’s most advanced computers in order to provide an attraction where the choices of guests change the possible outcome of the ride.

Guests will also be able to decide if the result of the ride, whether they completed the mission or crashed the Millennium Falcon for instance, will be connected to their personal profile. If they say yes, then there’s a chance their next interaction with a Star Wars citizen in Black Spire will be personalized based on their performance in the ride.

Keep in mind that Disney has only confirmed some of this, but if you piece together various reports from Imagineers and reporters who have toured the Disneyland version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it rings true, even if a few small details are off.

We already knew that guest demand for Star War: Galaxy’s Edge was going to be out of this world. Disneyland, where the expansive themed-area is expected to open first in June 2019, is reportedly trying to figure out crowd control and managing access to the park and Black Spire Outpost area when record numbers of guests are expected to show up.

We expect there to be pre-opening special ticket previews with prices potentially in the $500 to $1000 range, or exclusive packages for hotel guests. Disneyland has already raised prices for daily and annual pass admission ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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(Hat Tip: Thanks to Attraction Magazine for sourcing some of the rumors on the Rise of the Resistance attraction. )