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11 Years Ago today we learned Disney-MGM Studios would change its name

Photo courtesy Matt Wade Flickr cc-license (see credit below)

A name change for Disney-MGM Studios was announced eleven years ago today, August 9th 2007. The theme park gate at Walt Disney World opened in 1989 and originally featured a partnership with the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio that allowed Disney to us the MGM name and some of the studios’ properties (for instance: “The Wizard of Oz”) at the park.

There’s debate over whether the name change was required due to an expiring contract with MGM or if Disney just decided they wanted their name only on the name of the park. The park officially changed its name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on January 7, 2008.

The park dedication plaque is the only place in the park you can still see the original logo:

In 2015, Disney CEO Bob Iger promised another name change for the park will be coming, he just didn’t mention when or what it would be. The company recently said the name would remain Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the foreseeable future. I guess that is a retraction of the 2015 announcement.  Today would be a good day to officially retract that 2015 remark or give us the new name. What do you say Bob?

Photo credit: Matt Wade SA 2.0 CC license on Flickr

3 thoughts on “11 Years Ago today we learned Disney-MGM Studios would change its name”

  1. I think “Walt Disney’s Hollywood” would be a good name for the park, as it no longer has any pretense of being a studio at all. I’m perfectly OK with keeping it Disney’s Hollywood Studios, though.

  2. I very unhappy with this change and the loss of all the different rides and the back stage tour☹️. They should just change it to Disney Hollywood! Their is nothing studios about it!

  3. I laugh when I hear people say they’ll always refer to Hollywood Studios as “MGM”.
    While I certainly understand nostalgia, holding dear to a name which is another totally unrelated company makes little sense.
    I’m fine with the current name, but like Disney Mike would be open to change if it makes sense.

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