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Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be receive new name, eventually.


My friend’s son is famous. Yesterday, during the stockholder meeting for The Walt Disney Company, her six year old son told her he wanted to asks a question. He waited in queue and when he got to the front he asked a simple direct question, “Will Disney’s Hollywood Studios be changing it’s name?”

Initially the answer was no, but then Disney CEO stepped in and said that yes, a name change was happening. However, nothing was firm yet including a date or official announcement.

To me that implies the name has been decided. My guess is the announcement will come when Disney decides to announce the Star Wars expansion (and possibly a Pixar expansion) for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The big news about the expansion will dull the blow that the park is changing it’s name yet again.

Of course, our friend’s son threw a wrench into that plan. So who knows when they’ll make it now. Iger tried to walk his slip back a bit, but the cat is out of the proverbial bag.

At this point, who cares what the name will be changed to. The fact that there is a name change signifies is a large enough change to the park to require rebranding. I think this is a good sign that the park wil be getting more than just a Star Wars land, that there will be some Pixar additions too. Maybe even some additional placemaking like Disney California Adventure received. We can hope right?

Btw, my guess for a new name is “Disney Hollywood Adventure.” What do you think it will be?

6 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be receive new name, eventually.”

  1. So excited for this.

    Hollywood Adventure would be a perfect name. That word just perfectly evokes the anticipation of visiting high quality theme parks. Islands of Adventure, California Adventure… Hollywood Adventure rolls of the tongue way better than either of those.

  2. Great News. Name change on the outside means big enough changes on the inside to justify it. Excited to see what’s next.

  3. Slight typo:

    “Will Disney’s Hollywood Studios be changing it’s name?”

    Should be

    “Will Disney’s Hollywood Studios be changing its name?”

  4. They can call it whatever they like if they inject new energy to the park. While MK is always #1, the Studios was always a close second for me, but over the years they have let it get tired and in my opinion tried to capitalize on what was “hot” at the time rather than for long term quality (Who Wants to be a Millionaire, American Idol, Jack Sparrow….) With the combined genius of Pixar and Disney Imagineers, cut ’em loose to do the kind of magic that made the brand was it always has been….the best!

  5. Since TCM is the new sponsor for The Great Ride, I wonder if they will be incorporated into the new name. Disney-TCM Studios? Could TCM be more involved in the park other than just TGMR? Of course, this is just mindless speculation. Actually, I like the name “Disney Hollywood Adventure.”

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