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Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday to be feted with ABC TV special

It’s the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse’s movie-house debut in Steamboat Willie. Although technically not the first Mickey Mouse animated short to be produced, it was the first to premiere in theaters. The premiere date for Willie was November 18, 1928 and that’s generally given as the birthday for Walt Disney’s most enduring creation. The company is celebrating the whole year with a variety of events, including the recent unveiling of a new official portrait of Mickey. Today Disney announced that the ABC TV Network will join in the fun with a two-hour prime-time special.

The special, Mickey’s 90th Spectacular, will be broadcast from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. Disney promises it will be a star-studded, elegant affair worthy of a superstar like Mickey Mouse. The evening will be full of musical performances, moving tributes, and rare short films never before seen by the public.

Directing the show will be Don Mischer. He says of the honor of crafting a celebration of Mickey Mouse, “I’m delighted to be working on this magical event. Walt Disney was a major influence in my early life and actually inspired me to pursue my life’s work in television.”

Mickey Mouse is an American icon and the leader of the club that’s made for you and me. We hope the show lives up to his legacy. If it does, it should be another can’t miss moment in Disney history.

The special will air November 4th, from 8 to 10pm EST on ABC.

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