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Disney teases giant AMP suit from Avatar coming to Pandora

We may not get 7 foot tall blue people (aka the Na’vi), but Disney is ready to introduce a giant walking mechanical AMP suit to Pandora – The World of Avatar. At this point there’s not much more than a teaser video and an image, but we’re told that is part of an announcement tomorrow about something that will arrive on April 22nd in Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This suit looks a bit different from what was in the movie, but then this land is set at least 3 decades after the time of the first movie. We’re told that Disney had planned for these to roll out earlier, but they were cut from the plans for the land before the grand opening last year.

Pandora – the world of Avatar transports guests to a planet lightyears away from earth and offers two otherworldly attractions. The Na’vi River Journey is a one-of-a-kind quasi-spiritual experience in the dark bio-luminescent forest of Pandora where you encounter Na’vi including a Na’vi Shaman. Avatar: Flight of Passage is an example of the best that has ever come from Disney’s Imagineers. In it guests soar on the back of an Ikran, aka Banshee, via Avatar technology as seen in James Cameron’s film.

There’s so much more to the land than just the attractions. We love to just walk around and listen to people who are encountering the amazing immersive experience for the first time. We also recommend coming back at night for an entirely different sort of alien encounter.

Update: Disney confirms this suit will come to Disney’s Animal Kingdom as part of the Pandora Conservation Initiative on April 22nd. They also released this look at the creation of the suit:


Do you have a favorite part of Pandora – The World of Avatar?

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      1. Not sure if Steven was being sarcastic, but they are stilt walkers (which I think is a pretty cool illusion.) Appears as though the “legs” we see are dummies, and they are walking on stilts to move the thing around. That has to be tiring on the actor to move the rig for long periods…I suspect that each actor is only out for a short amount of time, or doesn’t actually move all that often.

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