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Director Ron Howard teases a ‘space car’ from Solo: A Star Wars Story

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi still making waves at the box office, 2018 is already starting off great for fans. Ron Howard, director of the second stand alone Star Wars movie “Solo: A Star Wars Story” shared a new image to celebrate a new year. The picture teases fans with a man holding a futuristic steering wheel.

(This is actually a color version of a photo Howard shared in September)

There’s already been plenty of speculation about a big action scene involving racing speeder cars so it’s possible that this image comes from that scene.

So it’s not the Millennium Falcon, but it may be actor Alden Ehrenreich behind that wheel. Ehrenreich, of course, is playing the younger version of Han Solo, the role made famous by Harrison Ford. The giveaway is the gloves, which are similar to a set worn by Ford in the original Star Wars of 1977 as he piloted the Falcon

Howard, wrapped filming in October after stepping in when the films original directors were removed with just 6 weeks left on the shooting schedule.

A few other previews from the set were shared on Twitter including these:

I read yesterday that Episode IX has already begun filming again in Ireland for it’s 2019 premiere. Meanwhile, “Solo” will debut in North America in May of 2018.