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Fun facts and secrets of Pixar’s “Coco”

The movie “Coco” urges you to seize your moment and make the most of your life. The artists of Pixar’s Animation Studios are known for seizing the moment to insert the occasional Easter egg into their films and “Coco” is no exception. This new video reveals some of the hidden secrets and fun facts in the movie:

They didn’t mention the Buzz Lightyear and Woody balloons Easter Egg. Were there any other Easter Eggs you saw?

I missed that the only living plant you saw in the film was Marigolds. That’s pretty cool.

“As soon as we decided we wanted to tell a story that takes place in Mexico, we immediately booked our first research trip,” said director Lee Unkrich. “Over the course of three years, we visited museums, markets, plazas, workshops, churches, haciendas, and cemeteries throughout Mexico. Families welcomed us into their homes and taught us about the food they enjoy, the music they listen to, their livelihoods and their traditions. Most importantly, we witnessed the importance they place on family.”

All these details added up to something that feels very authentic. From the details of the guitar, to the skeleton shapes that make up the Land of the Dead. We love all the details in Pixar’s “Coco.”

How many times have you see the film and do you see new things when you watch it again?

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