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New Disney Movies on Netflix beginning in January

Are you a cord cutter looking forward to a Disney streaming service similar to Netflix? I hope you’re patient, Disney’s new streaming service won’t begin until 2019. In the meantime we’re happy that these Disney movies are making their way on to the Netflix service for our on-demand viewing pleasure:

Jan 1
National Treasure
Jan 2
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Jan 31
Cars 3

Departing from Netflix in January are:

Jan 1
The Mighty Ducks
The Parent Trap
Jan 4
LOST: Seasons 1-6
Jan 5
Fantasia 2000

Netflix recently released a trailer for the second season of Marvel’s “Jessica Jones.”

In other minor news, Marvel’s anti-hero show “The Punisher” has just been picked up for a second season on Netflix.

The fate of Marvel’s shows on Netflix remain uncertain. It’s unlikely Netflix would let them move to the new Disney streaming service. However, I think you can make a good argument for Disney to continue to fund their production on Netflix in order to keep the base of fans who like the darker look at the world of Marvel involved in the brand.