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Highlights of EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays Food Kitchens

As with the other three festivals held yearly at EPCOT, the newly renamed and re-imagined Festival of the Holidays food has become central to the experience. We recently had the chance to sample a few of the signature dishes available in the Holiday Kitchens located around the World Showcase.

Our first stop was the Feast of Three Kings, which you can find in the Showcase Plaza area of EPCOT. We really enjoyed the Roasted Pork with Smashed Yuca and Pickled Green Bananas. Not the usual dish you’d find on the holiday table for most of America, but worth a try.

At the American Holiday Table kitchen in The American Adventure there is slow-roasted Turkey with all the fixings (Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Cranberry Sauce). This is the perfect pick-me-up to carry you between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A unique new dish this year is from the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen located in the Germany pavilion. This holiday tradition features gooey, yummmy Cheese Fondue in a bread bowl with fresh steamed baby vegetables and marble potatoes. Unfortunately our photo doesn’t quite capture the deliciousness of this dish. It’s fun too with all the dipping going on.

The winner of the night was from the Yukon Holiday Kitchen in Canada. The seared Salmon with a Crown Royal Maple Whiskey Glaze served over Parsnip Silk, Apple Chutney and Hazelnut Croquant. A good portion of fish with a sauce that will have you get back in line as soon as you finish your first plate.

A second dish from this kitchen was also shared, in this case a Traditional French Canadian Tourtiere with Canadian Ketchup. This is essentially a meat-pie dish served in the Quebec province.

While many holiday kitchens offer a dessert option along with a main entree. For a real fun holiday tradition we recommend returning to the Odyssey center where you’ll find The Cookie Nook. From Snowflake Sugar Cookies, to Snick Doodle, Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookie, Gingersnap Cookie, and a trio of cookies you can decorate on your own.

If you’ve visited the festival this year please share your favorite dishes from the Holiday Kitchens in the comments below. If you haven’t visited yet, remember that the Festival of the Holidays runs through December 30th at EPCOT.

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