How to get on Space Mountain at Disneyland in under 5 minutes

Your thrilling ride through outer-space just became a bit more convenient thanks to the latest thing in theme park design — the single rider queue. Disneyland’s Space Mountain recently received a single rider queue, and it is incredible how smoothly it functions. A ride with one of the most consistently high wait times in the park now has one of the fastest single rider lines.

Experience the thrill of waiting in the line in real time as I manage to make it onto the ride in an astounding 3-ish minutes.

It’s nice to see a 40 year old attraction still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Why didn’t they think of this before?

Yes, that’s a trick question. The indoor coaster has had a single-rider queue before, at least it did back in the 90s. This set up is essentially the same. How do you feel about riding next to a stranger on your rocket into space?

Remember, the single rider queue works best when no one else knows about it. So don’t tell anyone else and you should be good on your next visit.

Update: Official signs are now up for the single rider queue, so lines are now longer. No more 5 minute waits.