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Family’s Parent Trap Star Wars fan film is epic mashup

One creative family decided to make a Star Wars fan film and ended up with what may be the ultimate Disney and Star Wars mashup – “The Padawan Trap.” A parody of both Star Wars and “The Parent Trap,” the short film tells the epic tale of two sisters; one a Jedi, one a Sith, who meet at Jedi Training Girls Camp for the first time, and while learning about each other, teach everyone that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Sure, the production value isn’t exactly Speilbergian, but for a fan film, it’s more than adequate. We love its anti-bullying message of inclusion and being accepting of others even if they are very different from you.

We asked director and producer John Coles where he found inspiration for this project.

“It began as I realized the correlation between the Luke and Vader scene in Empire Strikes Back and how funny it would be to do the same thing with sisters. Then the whole Parent Trap idea hit me and the two movies kinda just wove into each other,” said Coles. “Then it evolved into its own story, which I think actually teaches a good moral lesson about not judging others by how they look.”

Coles said he had a lot of fun working on the project with his daughter and friends. In total they spent about 150 hours over the course of 2017 writing, filming, and editing the movie.

“I hope people get a good laugh out of the movie, and get that ‘feel good’ movie feeling,” said Coles. “And I hope people remember to be inclusive of others and not judge a book too quickly by its cover.”

A Star Wars message that we could all hear more of these days.

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