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Imagineers and designers discuss creating Tomorrowland at Shanghai Disneyland

For its Magic Kingdom style parks, Disney’s Imagineers have faced a continual problem – what to do with Tomorrowland. Any vision of tomorrow quickly risks becoming a glimpse at yesterday and eventually the land requires an expensive update to stay relevant. Disney’s newest park, Shanghai Disneyland (SDL), brought on outside help to arrive at a creative solution to the Tomorrowland problem.

Other parks have had varying degrees of success tackling the same problem. When Disneyland Paris was constructed, Imagineers left the land off entirely and substituted a Jules Verne inspired Discoveryland. At the original Disneyland in Anaheim, the 1998 remodel (which was supposed to be the last one) was such a failure much of it has since been undone. However, with Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland the company returned to a more metallic vision of the future.

According to Grimshaw Architects, a firm Disney hired to help design the SDL land:

“The new Tomorrowland, created especially for Shanghai Disneyland, blends the best of mankind, nature and technology. The land’s aerodynamic design, technological edge and bright promise of tomorrow make it attractive for guests seeking new worlds of adventure. Tomorrowland celebrates the hope, optimism and potential of the future – themes from the original Disneyland – now for a whole new culture and the next generations.”

In a new video, Grimshaw Architects, Imagineer Scott Drake, and Bob Weis, President Walt Disney Imagineering discuss how they designed a unique experience for guests to Shanghai Disney Resort’s Tomorrowland

I haven’t been to Shanghai Disneyland yet, but this Tomorrowland is truly unique. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is getting the TRON coaster, I wonder if Imagineering will try to bring over even more of the aesthetic and solve the Tomorrowland problem for Orlando.