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Star Wars fan film follows a Sith Master’s Dark Legacy

A wonderful new Star Wars fan film has just been released. It explores the Dark Legacy of the Sith as a Sith Master trains with a captured apprentice. A Sith focused film is something a lot of Star Wars fans have been asking for. Until Lucasfilm steps up to the plate “Dark Legacy” will do admirably.

According to Sith lore, “Training is complete only with the death of the master or the student.” Dark Legacy is a short film about an apprentice imprisoned against her will by a Sith Master searching for the student who will surpass him, or die trying.

Watch the film here:

As implied by its title and subject matter, Dark Legacy is very dark, punctuated by glowing lightsaber blades. I liked the take on Kyber crystals, the gem that powers the Jedi’s lightsaber. There’s also an interesting treatise on the Sith philosophy.

Dark Legacy was directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, with special effects Jaremy Aiello, and Mo Meinhart (Star Trek, The Walking Dead) and fight choreography by Phil Tan and Z Teams (Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z – Light of Hope).

The production of the Star Wars fan film took about one year and the short debuted on Vice’s Creators yesterday morning.

Are you a fan of the Sith or do you walk the path of the Jedi?

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