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ABC’s American Idol launches twin audition tours in Portland, OR and Orlando, FL

Just when it seemed dead, ABC and the team at FremantleMedia (who are the production company behind the show) are rebooting American Idol. Fifteen years ago this week, American Idol hit TV screens for the first time, forever changing the landscape of reality competition programming. The show has just revealed that it will launch twin tours on August 17th hosting auditions for hopeful performers across America.

In celebration of the franchise’s anniversary, which also marks the birth year of this season’s youngest eligible contestant, the show will make auditioning easier than ever. From Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, American Idol will organize a bus tour in pursuit of talent. The series also taking to the internet, offering hopefuls the opportunity to submit audition videos online at or by showing off their talent via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or using the hashtag #TheNextIdol.

Online auditions are already being accepted.

American Idol auditions will be held as follows:

West Bus Tour
Portland, OR – August 17
Oakland, CA – August 20
Provo, UT – August 23
Denver, CO – August 26
Omaha, NE – August 29
Tulsa, OK – September 1
Shreveport, LA – September 4
Muscle Shoals, AL – September 7

East Bus Tour
Orlando, FL – August 17
Miami, FL – August 19
Atlanta, GA – August 22
Charleston, SC – August 25
Asheville, NC – August 27
Louisville, KY – August 30
Pittsburgh, PA – September 3
Annapolis, MD – September 5
Boston, MA – September 8

Open Audition Cities
Chicago, IL – September 11
New Orleans, LA – September 14
(Locations and dates subject to change.)

Please visit for more details on specific audition locations, full eligibility requirements, submission forms, terms and conditions.