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Pandora – The World of Avatar: Adopting A Banshee

One of the clear highlights of the incredible new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora -the World of Avatar, is Avatar – Flight of Passage. On the ride, the Avatar technology allows you to ride a Mountain Banshee across the skies of Pandora.

While you can’t take home the Banshee you bounded with on the ride, you can find your own small banshee pet in Windtraders, the store located right at the exit of Flight of Passage.

To adopt your on Banshee, you must visit the rookery. As the name implies, it’s home to some of the winged creatures made famous in Cameron’s epic film. The rookery sits beneath a brightly colored hand-painted map depicting banshees soaring over Pandora. The rookery is also where guests can select their own banshees to care for.

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The experience begins with a naturalist who helps each guest find the banshee that’s just right for them. Guests are then asked to take the Banshee Pledge, which teaches the importance of the banshee as a symbol of their commitment to the environment.

Alas fellow travelers, word from Windtraders, is that all the banshee in the rookery have been adopted and it could be a couple of weeks before a new flock is found for more fans to adopt.

From the moment we saw the first guest walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a banshee on their shoulder we knew this would be one of the breakout items from Pandora – the World of Avatar. Hopefully they’ll be in stock for your next visit.