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Should Wall-E have a larger presence in the parks?

One of the things I love about “Happily Ever After,” the new fireworks and projection show at the Magic Kingdom, is that it features one of the rare appearances of Wall-E and Eve in a Disney attraction. The 2008 Pixar film is one of my favorites and it’s been practically forgotten by Disney since it left theaters.

Vox, an online magazine, believes we all should take another look at Wall-E. If you don’t recall, the film was a parable for what happens when rampant consumerism destroys the Earth. Humankind departs for the stars, leaving robots behind with the hopeless task of cleaning everything up.

“Wall-E’s vision of the future is a cautionary dystopia wrapped up in a children’s tale, and a very funny and skillfully made one, too; the film’s first 40 minutes are virtually wordless, a masterpiece of modern silent filmmaking. Yet while we’re squealing over the cute robots, we can’t forget to imagine the world that gave rise to Wall-E’s trash-strewn wasteland and its more well-off humans’ disintegration into helpless, shapeless flesh globules who’ve lost the ability to create, think, or have real relationships. Futuristic science fiction is at its best when it makes us take a hard look at our own world.”

With a major upgrade to EPCOT at-hand, perhaps Disney should take another look at Wall-E and consider including its story into a new pavilion. Frankly I’m surprised we never even had a meet and greet opportunity with Wall-E. Now that Disney has a BB-8 encounter at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We know it’s possible. With a larger presence at EPCOT, Wall-E’s message of conservation could help teach future generations about the importance of caring for our planet. It’s the only one we’ve got.

What do you think of Pixar’s Wall-E? Was it a message to us all or just a fun film?