If you want to park at Disney Springs and keep your vehicle close at hand, you can now park in one of two preferred parking lots for a fee of $10 (Disney says ‘only’ $10). The parking will take over two lots that had been largely used by Valet parking before — Grapefruit and Lemon — near Cirque du Soliel and World of Disney respectively. The new regime starts tomorrow.

This move does not really surprise me at all. The parking spots in Grapefruit and Lemon were not being fully utilized by Valet parking, so offering it as premium parking instead is a way to still make a few bucks. Those surface lots are really close to some of the best shopping and entertainment options at Disney Springs, so the spaces are indeed premium.

Parking in the Lime and Orange parking garages is still free, as is parking in the Watermelon surface parking lot, which is on the far side of the Westside. The Lime Garage is now the best location for those wishing to shop in the Marketplace or Town Center while the Orange garage is great for the Westside, The Landing and Town Center.

On really busy days there is extra parking across the street in what are normally cast member parking lots. Disney is also building a third parking garage to shift some of the cast members who currently park in either Lime or Orange to their own lot.