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How Disney movie magic transformed Dan Stevens into the Beast

I had an idea in my head what Dan Stevens’ motion capture suit would look like for his work as “The Beast” in Disney’s live-action remake of the animated classic “Beauty and the Beast,” but it was nothing like this. Check out those springy lifts on his feet to give him that extra height.

The USA Today has a fun featurette looking at how Disney’s movie technicians transformed Stevens into the Beast using motion capture technology

Interesting choice to let Stevens perform on the set with Emma Watson as Belle without the traditional cameras pointing at his face. That meant that after everyone else was done on set, Stevens would go into a special studio and re-create his performances so his detailed expressions and movements could be stitched onto the on screen Beast. Sometimes these recording sessions would be weeks after he had already performed them in the suit on the set.

Stevens and the rest of the cast can come home with you on Blu-Ray / Digital on June 6th