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Treasures From the Disney Vault Returns to TCM in June

Every few months, Turner Classic Movies offers up an evening of Disney classics, and the next installment of “Treasures From the Disney Vault” will air Friday, June 2, 2017.

Hosted by noted film critic Leonard Maltin, the programming begins at 8pm and continues into the wee hours. Here is the complete schedule (times ET) of this month’s collection of Disney films and TV shows:

8:00 PM Summer Magic (1963) – When widower Dorothy McGuire is forced to move the family out of their posh Boston home, the eldest daughter (played by Hayley Mills) talks the caretaker (Burl Ives) into letting the family stay at the run-down manor he tends to in Maine for a song. Romantic entanglements and myriad misunderstandings lend humor to his delightful family film, featuring such treasured musical numbers as “Flitterin’,” “Ugly Bug Ball” and the title number, “Summer Magic.”

10:00 PM Pollyanna (1960) – Disney’s treatment of Eleanor Porter story is first-rate, as an orphan (Hayley Mills) spreads cheer to misanthropes of a New England town, including her own Aunt Polly (Jane Wyman).

12:30 AM Mickey’s Polo Team (1936) – Mickey Mouse and his friends battle Hollywood stars in a polo match.

12:45 AM The Horse with the Flying Tail (1960) – A palomino goes through various owners before competing at the Pan American games.

1:45 AM The Tattooed Police Horse (1964) – A horse trained for trotting races, insists on galloping.

2:45 AM Hacksaw (1971) – A young girl sets out to tame a wild horse.

4:30 AM The Horse Without a Head (1963) – Thieves hide stolen loot in a children’s toy.

It seems this month’s selections celebrate actress Hayley Mills, and equestrian stories. Which ones are you looking forward to seeing? For more information, visit