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Yara Shahidi, Disney’s rising star, profiled in Elle

Yara Shahidi currently plays Zoe, the eldest child in the Johnson family in Disney’s hit show Black-ish. She’s currently slated to be the star of a spin off that follows Zoe to college, working title Liberal Arts. At 17 years old, Shahidi has a big career ahead of her and people are taking notice.

A new profile in Elle magazine talks to Shahidi about her career, her new show, her views on Generation Z (don’t give up on them yet), and being an ambassador for her generation.

For instance I love this take on why young people are focused on apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

“It’s this idea that we’re put into these systems in which, as a person, you need to figure out how to succeed in the system. And if succeeding means being “self centered” and taking selfies, to then be able to promote a t-shirt, or James Baldwin, or anything, then that’s what we’re gonna do because we’re living by the example set by others, and by what we’re seeing.”

Read the whole interview here.