Cute alert: Red River Hog Piglets born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Last week, Chloe, one of the red river hogs that roams the savannah at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, gave birth to two male piglets! Chloe will remain backstage with her piglets for a while, but Disney has shared these ultra-cute photos of the pair and their mother.

According to Disney, “red river hogs are born with striped patterning that helps them blend into the vegetation, which keeps them safe from predators. As they mature, their fur changes to a bright russet color.”

The photos were shared by Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team. Their mission is to continue Walt Disney’s legacy of caring for animals and the environment by leading Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. They encourage others to care for animals and the environment, connect people to nature, and work to conserve natural resources.