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The advanced digital projection technology behind Disney’s Happily Ever After fireworks show

In just a few weeks your next trip to the Magic Kingdom can end in a ‘Happily Ever After’ moment when the new fireworks and projection show debuts on May 12. The new show will replace Magic Kingdom’s current fireworks display “Wishes.” Since Wishes debuted in 2003, there’s been revolution in night time spectacular technology. Modern shows combine lasers, lights, better sound, and digitally mapped projection to take the fireworks experience to a new level of show.

“With projection mapping technology, you can create an immersive environment for guests, taking them inside the films of Disney,” says Show Director James Silson. “It enables us to flood the palate and give our guests an opportunity to experience many of our characters’ worlds in the same show.”

A new video from Disney looks at the digital mapping projection technology that will go into “Happily Ever After.”

For guests, adding projection to the show will mean some changes in where you’ll want to be for optimum viewing. The closer you are to the castle, the better your view of the projections will be. But you don’t want o get too close or you’ll miss the fireworks, which are mostly launched from behind the Magic Kingdom. Something we’ll keep an eye on.

What do you think of the new advanced projection mapping technology Disney will implement for “Happily Ever After?”

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