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Celebrity Spotting: Tina Fey conquers Expedition Everest

The great actress, comedian, writer, and theme park adventurer Tina Fey was spotted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on an journey to the Forbidden Mountain aboard Expedition Everest. Hard to tell, but by the size of that smile, I’d say she was having fun.

Update: Disney has now provided this video interview with Fey:

Tina was last spotted at Walt Disney World visiting the Magic Kingdom this time last year. I guess she has a regular vacation schedule.

We still think Tina needs to be the human star of the next Muppets movie, don’t you?

(photo courtesy Disney. Chloe Rice photographer)

1 thought on “Celebrity Spotting: Tina Fey conquers Expedition Everest”

  1. It was hinted to us, this time last year, as we stayed at the Grand Floridian, that there was a celebrity there with us who did a “good impression of a former VP candidate”. we never did run into her though.

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