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Rogue One gets Retro Star Wars VHS Trailer treatment

Part of what made Lucasfilm’s first non-trilogy saga film so great was how the cinematography and effects so accurately recreated the retro feel of the 1977 original Star Wars movie. The two movies practically bleed into each other, after all. When I saw this fan made Rogue One “VHS” tape old school commercial for Rogue One, it just felt natural, like I was back in the 80s working that VCR.

Alas, there is no VHS tape for Rogue One, unless you burn your Blu-Ray DVD onto one you happen to have around your house and then you just happen to have a functional VHS player (we do, so we can watch some of those old animated classics that haven’t found their way onto DVD yet).

The trailer was artfully edited by YouTuber Damien Kazan. If you’re old like me, then you remember those original VHS movie ads and how close this captures the tone and pitch of the originals.

Want to get your hands on your own copy of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? You can download a digital copy from Amazon or pre-order the Blu-ray DVD from The Disney Store (you also get a DVD and HD digital copy).