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Sneak peek of Pandora – The World of Avatar from Good Morning America

Good Morning America visited Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. GMA talked with Joe Rohde, Sr. VP Creative at Walt Disney Imagineering and Jon Landau, who is a producer on the Avatar films. Disney’s Imagineers are still putting the final touches on it, but there were a few areas they were able to film in.

Update: ABC News reporter Paula Faris shared some additional footage of Pandora – The World of Avatar last night on Nightline. New footage includes a tour with James Cameron and a ride on the Na’vi River Journey with Imagineer Joe Rohde.

We’ve also added a story with Whoopi Goldberg’s tour through the Avatar themed land that was shared on The View yesterday.

Thankfully we finally get to see some of the first shots of what the land will look like at night when the bio-luminescent plants start to glow.

There’s a look at the ‘welcome to valley of Mo’ara’ sign complete with a map of the land and visitor information like ‘Do Not Feed Wild Animals.’

We also see a bit of the queue for the banshee ride, Flight of Passage, and a tantalizing look at what the ride vehicle will look like (a metallic saddle type device you straddle like a motorcycle) plus the 3-D goggles that are your connection to your Avatar.

Among the new bits of information is that the land does contain some foreshadowing of the 4 upcoming sequels to Avatar planned by James Cameron. Plus we learn the height of the floating mountains themselves – 156 feet. Higher than the Matterhorn, but not the Forbidden Mountain of Expedition Everest.

Watch for yourself and then share what you think of this early preview in the comments.

Pandora – The World of Avatar opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 27, 2017. Are you planning to visit?

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