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How DisneyNature partnered with Disney’s Animal Kingdom for “Rivers of Light”

When watching the beautiful water pageant “Rivers of Life” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests are often enthralled with the animal video and images projected on water screens all around Discovery River at multiple times throughout the show. Most of those videos were drawn from the library of DisneyNature, Disney’s film division focused on the animals who inhabit this earth.

A new video takes up behind the scenes of the collaboration between DisneyNature and Walt Disney Imagineering in the creation of the show:

If you watch the show you’ll see moments from Monkey Kingdom, Bears, African Cats and Born in China – which hits theaters for Earth Day 2017 – all featured.

“Most of the animals that we are watching out there out on the big water displays we’ve spent two or three years of our lives with,” said Disneynature Director Mark Linfield. “They became like close friends and seeing them in this new context…across these huge sheets of water is really something I think only Disney could’ve done.”

Disneynature Alastair Fothergill agrees. “For me, the best bit of ‘Rivers of Light’ is it seemed to me like the most extraordinary family album. All the great stars of Disneynature were there and for the first time we could share them with the guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.”

Does learning more about DisneyNature’s involvement have you more excited to see “Rivers of Light”?

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