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TRON 3 teased by director Joseph Kosinski in Q&A after Screening of Tron: Legacy

Thanks to friend/digital influencer/contest winner Zack Kaplan of WDW Radio, I was lucky enough to attend a rare revival screening/Q&A with director Joseph Kosinski at IMAX Los Angeles headquarters for the “modern cult classic.” This is the first time Tron: Legacy has been screened with a laser projector. In other words, it will never look as good as we saw it that night.

We’re embedding the post-screening Q&A, wherein Kosinski addresses the following and more below:

  • The Status/Plot of Tron 3
  • Unreleased Daft Punk Songs
  • Future Laser Projection Screenings (My question at the 32 minute mark)
  • Deleted scenes and bloopers

If you didn’t catch that, Tron 3 (aka TRON: Ascension) would have focused on the ascension of programs out of the computer and into the real world. That was signaled by Quorra’s escape into the real world. Quorra would have had a “Stranger in a Strange Land” experience while the world of TRON would start interacting with the real world in un-predictable ways. Alas, the sequel is in ‘cryogenic freeze’ due to Disney’s current heavy load of movies

If you’d like to see the event from my point of view, here is the vlog I shot that day, including a stop at Flynn’s Arcade in nearby Culver City!

Would you like to see Disney green light Tron 3? What do you think about the plot of the sequel as discussed by Kosinski? It could still happen, right? Never say never.


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